COMMON NAME:  amaryllis
GENUS:  Amaryllis
Species, Hybrids, Cultivars:
A. belladonna “Appleblossom”-pink and white. A.b. ‘Dazzler’-white with light green tones. A.b. ‘Liberty’-crimson.
FAMILY: Amaryllidaceae
BLOOMS: Winter
TYPE: Perennial
DESCRIPTION: Amaryllis blossoms are truly spectacular. They form on sturdy 20-inch stems and then produce explosions of color, sometimes as many as five blossoms to a stem. Colors range from white to pink, red, salmon, and orange, with color combinations on the blossoms of many species.
CULTIVATION: Considered very easy to grow, amaryllis is usually grown indoors as a potted plant. Potted bulbs should be kept on the dry side so that the leaves come after the flower scapes appear, resulting in delayed bloom time. according to White Flower Farm catalog, blossoms will last longer if the anthers are removed as soon as the plant opens. If the anthers are already losing pollen, it is too late to use this trick.

 Amaryllis is extremely poisonous. Many of the South American Indian tribes used the sap from the plant to make poisonous arrows. The name Amaryllis is from the Greek word amarullis, which means “to shine.’ Virgil wrote of a shepherd boy serenading his love, the shepherdess Amaryllis. During the Renaissance, amaryliss referred to certain dances and madrigals.