When Orchids Need Help Pests And Diseases.

Any plant grown in poor conditions can fall victim to insects or disease, and orchids are no exception. However, when their basic needs are met orchids are unusually tough and trouble free. Your greatest asset in handling plant problems will be a sharp eye for anything that seems abnormal. If you do discover a problem … Continue reading When Orchids Need Help Pests And Diseases.


Problems With Orchids.

Orchids can live in cultivation for many years - up to 100 years in established botanical gardens, for example. But for this to happen, growing conditions have to be right and any problems must be dealt with promptly. Over time, orchids progress in peaks and valleys. They advance toward a peak, producing optimum growth and … Continue reading Problems With Orchids.

Orchids – The Growing Environment.

Orchids In The Home. You do not have to have a greenhouse to grow orchids. If you can grow a houseplant, you can enjoy growing orchids. Also, if your climate is suitable, orchids grown indoors over winter can be moved outside to a protected area for the summer. As light is essential for orchids, the … Continue reading Orchids – The Growing Environment.

Miniature Roses In The Garden.

As far as growing miniature roses in open gardens is concerned, you can allow your imagination to run riot. Anything and everything is possible, provided you can ensure the necessary things. As long as the site you have selected for growing your miniature receives enough sunlight, there is no limitation to the location or the manner in … Continue reading Miniature Roses In The Garden.

Miniature Roses In Pots.

All over the United States as well as Canada and in nearly all regions of Europe, people mostly buy miniature roses as very small plants that come in pots measuring 2 inches (5 cm). These plants will usually have developed their roots either from cuttings or by means of tissue culture, a propagation technique that … Continue reading Miniature Roses In Pots.

Preserving Roses.

  Flowers left on the rose plants have a reasonable life-span. However, a cut rose has a very brief life and even the period between the blooming periods is usually long. Nevertheless, we are lucky to have several ways by which we can preserve the cut roses for longer periods and enjoy their exquisite beauty. … Continue reading Preserving Roses.