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North American Collections Assessment


BGCI is dedicated to providing a free, comprehensive online resource on the world’s botanical institutions and the collections they maintain.  BGCI’s GardenSearch and PlantSearch databases uniquely support the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) Target 8, and provide valuable tools for connecting botanical collections, expertise, and facilities to the global botanical community.

Progress in North America

BGCI US and the United States Botanic Garden are thrilled to share a
Progress report on Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation in the United States (1.5MB). Thanks to the 241 U.S. gardens, seed banks, and collections that contributed species lists to PlantSearch for this assessment.

This progress report builds upon the 2010 North American Collections Assessmentwhich provides a novel baseline for threatened North American species curated in collections.

Make Your Collections Count!

To ensure we meet the GSPC Target 8 for 2020, BGCI US is working with the United States Botanic Garden to increase the quality and quantity of data held in PlantSearch and GardenSearch for the U.S., and we want to ensure we have accurate information for your institution!

Contribute a list of species and update your institution’s information – follow the PlantSearch Upload Instructions.

Special thanks to the Collaborators of the North American Collections Assessment.


Build Your Collections to Support Conservation!
Here’s how:

Check out this collections guide, Building living plant collections to support conservation (3MB).

Featuring the Montgomery Botanical Center’s collections development and genetic diversity assessment. This guide is designed to provide a general blueprint to help strategically develop conservation collections.

This is the result of recently completed projects by the Montgomery Botanical Center and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, involving BGCI US and the USDA’s Chapman Field.

New Ex situ Guide in 2016!

In partnership with the Montgomery Botanical Center, BGCI US has published an ex situcollections guide specific to cycads, the most threatened plant group in the world, Cycads: A model group for ex situ conservation (2MB). This guide builds on results of recently completed projects by the Montgomery Botanical Center, BGCI US and USDA’s Chapman Field and funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (MA-05-12-0336-12 & MA-30-14-0123-14), creating strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas.

An additional outcome of these efforts is an interpretative sign for Zamia lucayana added to BGCI’s Care for the Rare sign library, which is available for any garden to download and display.

Thank you for supporting BGCI’s ex situ collections database efforts.

Every garden can support plant conservation via PlantSearch and GardenSearch:
-It is quick, easy and free.
-Find out the conservation value of your collections and audit your plant names.
-Connect your collections, expertise, and facilities to the global botanical community.
-Expand the collective knowledge of plant diversity in collections.