June Flower – The Rose.

Chloris, the Greek Goddess of flowers, crowned the rose queen of all flowers, a title that the rose deserves today as much as it did in the Golden Age of Greece. Not only is the rose of unparalleled beauty, it has also proved itself to be useful in a hundred different ways. It has been … Continue reading June Flower – The Rose.


Pests And Diseases Of Roses.

Some insects always dream of sucking or chewing on rose bushes with a view to acquire all the necessary vitamins, essential minerals as well as other substances needed by them to survive as well as give birth to a new generation to keep the species going.So if you are growing roses in your garden it is important … Continue reading Pests And Diseases Of Roses.

Diseases Of Roses.

Unlike some other flowering plants, roses are known to be rather troublesome and disease prone, requiring substantial after care. For instance, you need to coast them constantly with various different fungicides so that they are not affected by diseases. To some extent, their reputation of being troublesome plants is justified. Several varieties of roses, especially … Continue reading Diseases Of Roses.

Common Insect Pests Of Roses.

There are a number of ways by which you can control pests from invading your roses or other plants. In case you prefer to employ biological methods to deal with the insects, first you need to have a good understanding of the insects that can be used to counter the harmful pests as well as … Continue reading Common Insect Pests Of Roses.