COMMON NAME:  basket of goldGENUS:  Alyssum  {although this plant is generally listed in catalogs as Alyssum saxatile, it can also be listed in the genus Aurinia}SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS,A. saxatile  'Citrinum'-pale yellow flowers.A.s. 'Compactum'-bright yellow flowers; shorter plants.A.s. 'Flora Plenum'-double form; bright yellow; each flower is like a miniature rose.FAMILY:  CruciferaeBLOOMS:  early springTYPE:  perennialDESCRIPTION:  Basket of gold … Continue reading BASKET OF GOLD



COMMON NAME:  glory of the snowGENUS:  ChionodoxaSPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS,C. luciliae  'Alba'-whiteC. l. 'Gigantea'-large blue flowers, 2 inches acrossC. sardensis-small, intensely blue flowers.FAMILY:  LiliaceaeBLOOMS: early springTYPE:  perennialDESCRIPTION:  Beautiful star-shaped flowers in blue or white bloom very early in spring, sometimes even before snow is gone. Used in mass plantings, these plants can be spectacularly beautiful. Their neat, compact … Continue reading GLORY OF THE SNOW


COMMON NAME:  grape hyacinth GENUS:  Muscari SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS, M. armeniacum 'Early Giant'-blue M.a. 'Blue Spike'-up to 12-inch blossoms. M. a. 'White Beauty'-white. M. botryoides-pure white. FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  early spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Most grape hyacinths grow 6 to 8 inches tall and produce spikes full of round, almost closed blossoms. They spread about … Continue reading GRAPE HYACINTH


COMMON NAME:  hyacinth GENUS:  Hyacinthus SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS, H. orientalis 'Amsterdam'-bright red to pink. H. o. 'Anne Marie'-light pink. H. o. 'Carnegie'-creamy white. H. o. 'Delft Blue'-blue FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  early spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION:  Hyacinths are widely used as a spring bulb. The top flower size is 7 to 7 1/2 inches in circumference. … Continue reading HYACINTH


COMMON NAME:  pansy GENUS:  Viola SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS, V. wittrockiana 'Universal' hybrids-heavy blooms; heat and cold tolerant. V. w. 'Crystal Bowl'-clear colors without markings; small 2 1/2-inch blooms V. w. 'Majestic Giants'-large plants with 4-inch blooms. FAMILY:  Violaceae BLOOMS:  early spring TYPE:  annual DESCRIPTION:  Unusual markings on the petals of pansy blossoms have earned the flowers … Continue reading PANSY


COMMON NAME:  scilla GENUS:  Scilla SPECIES:  S. sibirica FAMILY:  Liliaceae BLOOMS:  early spring TYPE:  perennial DESCRIPTION: Scilla has short {4 to 6 inches} spikes of bright blue or white flowers. The foliage is attractive and the growing habit neat, making it an excellent plant to use as a border or edging plant. It also lends … Continue reading Scilla

Sweet Pea

COMMON NAME:  sweet pea GENUS:  Lathyrus SPECIES:  L. odoratus {annual}                  L. latifolius {perennial} FAMILY:  Leguminosae BLOOMS: early spring TYPE: annual or perennial DESCRIPTION: The pastel blossoms of sweet pea come in a lovely array of hues including nearly every color except yellow. Their growth habit varies from … Continue reading Sweet Pea