Rooting A Cacti Cutting

Growing a cactus from a cutting is not as hard as you might think! One of the most common mistakes people make is planting the cutting before it has callused. Follow these instructions for rooting a cactus cutting and you will surely be successful.CUT: Make a straight, clean cut with a sharp knife. Use a … Continue reading Rooting A Cacti Cutting


Growing A Cacti From Seed

Growing plants from seed are not as hard as you might think – even though many of us have tried and failed! One of the most common mistakes people make is planting the seeds too deeply. You should only plant a seed as deep in the soil as the seed is wide. When seeds are … Continue reading Growing A Cacti From Seed

Care Of Cacti In Containers

Cacti are a group of succulent plants that do well in containers under the right conditions. They are native to the New World. These plants are diverse both in form and color, clumping or solitary. They can range in size from very small to more than 40 feet tall. Most cacti are best grown outdoors … Continue reading Care Of Cacti In Containers

Desert Composting

Composting is the managed decomposition of organic matter through biological processes resulting in humus material that can be used to improve soil structure. As a soil amendment, compost loosens heavy clay soils and enhances aeration. It allows sandy soils to hold moisture and nutrients for root absorption. Many home gardeners create compost piles in their … Continue reading Desert Composting

Fertilizing A Southwest Garden

Most native and desert-adapted plants in the landscape do not generally require fertilizer as they are adapted to our soil conditions. In most cases, fertilizers are generally applied to prevent deficiencies. If fertilizers are needed, one application for the year is usually sufficient. If you did not fertilize in March or in April, go ahead … Continue reading Fertilizing A Southwest Garden

Pruning Your Southwest Garden

Pruning should be done to maintain plant health (remove dead, damaged or diseased portions, cross branching, etc.), to highlight the “natural” shape of the plant, to train a young plant, and to eliminate hazards. Excessive or heavy pruning causes significant stress to trees and shrubs. The best practices are to prune the least amount necessary … Continue reading Pruning Your Southwest Garden

What To Plant In May

Planting can still be done during the month of May. However, it is crucial that newly planted plants are monitored carefully. Follow the watering schedule for newly planted plants in the watering section.When planting native and desert-adapted plants, it is usually unnecessary to back-fill with soil amendments and vitamins or to add rooting hormones. However, … Continue reading What To Plant In May

Watering Your Southwest Garden In May

As the weather warms, plant water needs will increase. Now is the time to adjust your watering schedule for the summer. Observe plants regularly for signs of water stress. Some signs to look for include:  wilting, curling leaves, yellowing or falling of older leaves, and dead stems or branches.The amount of water and watering frequency … Continue reading Watering Your Southwest Garden In May