Companion Shade Plants For Hostas.

There are plenty of elegant shade garden plants that go extremely well with hostas enhancing the beauty of your garden. Anemone nemorosa is a pleasantly self-effacing little wood anemone that blooms early in the spring, much before other plants, including the hostas, wake from their hibernation. Wood anemones produce simple, solitary blooms having diverse colors … Continue reading Companion Shade Plants For Hostas.


Pest And Diseases Of Hostas.

Although hostas are usually not affected by diseases that inflict other plants, snails and slugs can cause considerable damage to these plants. However, as the conditions in different gardens vary greatly as the population of the hostas, it has often been found that some plants are almost never affected by these pests. While there are several … Continue reading Pest And Diseases Of Hostas.

Hosta Cultivars.

As far as breeding hostas is concerned, there have been a number of fascinating developments in recent times that have produced plants having exciting colors, usually seen during the spring. In fact, these vibrant colors are evident in all seasons and are found in hostas having foliage combinations of white yellow, green and blue. In … Continue reading Hosta Cultivars.