The Modern Botanicals Garden recognizes sustainability as a holistic process that encompasses environmental, social, and economic performance. The Garden strives to apply these principles by supporting growth in sustainable thinking and actions among our visitors and the surrounding community. The plants that live in the Garden’s desert environment are specially adapted to thrive in extreme … Continue reading Sustainability


Pruning, Fertilization, Problems Low Desert Landscapes

Pruning should be done to maintain plant health (remove dead, damaged or diseased portions, cross branching, etc.), to highlight the “natural” shape of the plant, to train a young plant, and to eliminate hazards. Excessive or heavy pruning causes significant stress to trees and shrubs. The best practices are to prune the least amount necessary … Continue reading Pruning, Fertilization, Problems Low Desert Landscapes

Watering In The Low Desert

As the weather warms, plant water needs will increase. Now is the time to adjust your watering schedule for the summer. Observe plants regularly for signs of water stress. Some signs to look for include:  wilting, curling leaves, yellowing or falling of older leaves, and dead stems or branches. The amount of water and watering … Continue reading Watering In The Low Desert


The spring blooming season is coming to an end as the temperatures begin to increase and the impending summer is fast approaching. Many spring-blooming annual wildflowers have expired and gone to seed. You can collect the seed and store in paper bags until fall or allow plants to reseed in the landscape. Rake up the … Continue reading MAY IN THE LOW DESERT